Pre-sale service  

Introduce, recommend and explain products to customers before they purchase products, and recommend them to customers for products that are acceptable to customers and bring benefits to customers. Much of this process is done by sales and purchasing. In order to perfect the purchase or sales, we need to be professional and sincere, making the guests feel friendly and comfortable, and the products are safe and practical.     

Sale service   

The customer determines the service when purchasing the product and purchasing the product. For example, the gift package, the preparation of the gift, the attention matters and so on. This process can not be too excited, be patient, smile, be careful, professional and so on, make the guests happy and relieved.     

After-sales service   

After-sales service is an effective measure to improve customer satisfaction and effectively protect customer satisfaction and loyalty. The after-sales service of the system is to realize the enterprise's "customer satisfaction", so as to realize the purpose of marketing. Customer satisfaction is the final result of testing the after-sales service of the enterprise, which plays an inseparable role in marketing.