Determine staffing requirements -- develop recruitment planning stages -- personnel selection stage -- the recruitment evaluation phase is aimed at such a basic process and can determine the most basic workflow:    

1. Application by the employing department: the department manager shall submit the required number, position, requirements and explanation to the personnel department;     
2.Second, the human resources department reviews the recruitment plan by the top management.    
3. According to the request form submitted by the department, the personnel department determines the job title and the number of places required;    
4. The basic requirements of the interviewee are qualifications and conditions, such as the qualifications of the position, the age of the requirements, the required skills and experience, etc.;   
5. The approval of the basic salary and budget salary of all the positions advertised;    
6. Prepare and release materials, prepare notice or company publicity materials, and apply for the date of application;     
7. Contact the job market or post recruitment notices;Arrange interview time and venue and interview style.     
8. Final determination personnel, to handle the entry formalities for probation period, and to be qualified for transfer and procedures.   
 9. Signing and filing the contract.